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We started this journey in 2017 when we delivered the best quality hookahs and Shisha for most of ATL nightlife. After studies and countless years of research and product testing, we have found a healthier alternative to enjoy Hookah without the toxins of tobacco & addiction to nicotine. We have created a lifestyle brand made from vegetable and fruit ingredients that will give you a cloud of smoke like no other & produce the same clouds we all love from a hookah.

 We are proud and excited to share our secret with you all: “Puffstar”! 

These vapes are like no other. 

Our black-owned company provides you with NON-Nicotine & Tobacco FREE vape pens. With its minimal sleek design & its colorful LED Glow, our vapes ensure a clean smooth pull made with fruits that will have your mouth filled with flavor. 


So what are you waiting for? Puff like a star & join the #puffstarlifestyle 💫💨

Bulk 10pck
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